What You'll Learn

In this course, you'll learn how to not only sell your writing but build a strong business, write better stories, and conduct yourself like a creative professional. I'm going to take you through each step of the process from finding markets to contacting and submitting to them.

But just sending a story or piece of writing out to a magazine won't guarantee a sale. That's where this class will help you stand out from the rest. From insider tips to exercises getting you out of your comfort zone and writing in new improved ways, Sell Your Writing is a one-stop-shop for professional and career writers.

We'll start by getting into the nitty-gritty of finding places to sell your writing. I'll cover fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in this class, so no matter what you want to write, I'll help you find a home for it. Then we'll move on to what makes an idea sellable. Instead of focusing on writing to trend, I'll help you figure out how to write your unique story and strengthen your voice while preserving your perspective.

Nonfiction writers have their own section all on pitching. I'll share my strategies along with other those of other writing professionals to guide you to creating your own sustainable pitching and writing strategy. After that, we'll get into the process of writing your pieces. Covering best practices, editing levels, getting critiques from other writers, and more, I'll show you how to get that final draft done and out to editors!

The final three sections are all about the in's and out's of submitting. Not only do we cover writing queries, following submission guidelines, correctly formatting your stories, but I'll also share what it's like working with an editor on a piece for publication.

You can access this masterclass at any time and download it for offline learning. I'll also be updating this course quarterly! The first one of 2022 is happening in February, so expect new information, resources, updated exercises, and more.

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