What You'll Learn

In Scene Crafting 101, fiction writers will learn everything they need to know to get them started writing captivating and dynamic scenes.

This is a short, quick introductory course to crafting better scenes for writers. We'll go over everything from a scene's functioning parts, to types of scenes, and how to order them within your story for maximum effect.

There's video, audio, and text to help all students learn and grow from the lessons. Students will also be tasked with writing assignments, bits of homework, and more to help them fully embody the lessons.

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Pro Writer and Editor

Aigner Loren Wilson

I've worked with beginners and professionals to help craft their stories and tell their tales. I want to offer all my knowledge and insight to you so that you can make your publishing dreams a reality.

I'll be your teacher and guide throughout this course.

I'm excited to read your stories and your words!